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The LLOYD & DAVIS Gestion team, is made of seasoned professionals in rental management and rental. They will accompany you serenely and advise you in all each and every one of your steps.


An approach requiring accounting, legal, administrative and technical know-how.


Accounting management

Tenant accounting : collection of tenant payments, edition of rent due notices, issuance, if payment, of rent receipts, settlement of quarterly calls for charges.

Owner accounting : payment of co-ownership charges, monthly edition of management reports, payment of funds received to the landlord on the 15th of the month by bank transfer (subject to collection by us, declaration of property income for € 40.00 incl. per year.)

Legal management

Notification of the leave to the tenant within the time limits provided for by law (sale, resumption to live in, legitimate and serious reason), management of rent payment incidents: simple reminder letter, reminder letter with request for acknowledgment of receipt, appointment - appointment with the tenant for the search for an amicable solution transmission of the elements of the file to the bailiff or to the lawyer for eviction procedure.

Administrative management

Annual rent review, annual adjustment of rental charges, control of the insurance certificate, verification of annual maintenance (boiler and chimney sweeping), tenant departure procedure: acknowledgment of receipt to the tenant, notification of the notice to the lessor owner, request to tenant for an appointment to carry out a pre-inspection of the inventory, notification of the tenant's departure to the services (Taxes, CAF), recovery from the tenant of the Household Waste Tax (TOM)

Technical management

Routine maintenance work provided for in the 1957 decree necessary to maintain the heritage in good condition: work costing less than 150 € = intervention without estimate, work greater than 150 € = request for several quotes for comparison, urgent work: in case if there is no response from the owner, minimal work is done to find a temporary solution to the problem.


Management fees : 5.17% excluding tax per month of the rent and charges, i.e. 6.20% including tax (tax deductible Art. 31 of the C.GI.)

Administrative costs : 3.85 € TTC per month (Tax deductible Art. 31 of the C.G.I)


Anne- Marie PRIETO
Directrice Gestion Locative
62 Bis, Avenue Charles de Gaulle

Mob : 06 98 80 91 40
Tél : 01 77 35 06 49


This contract is taken out by the property administrator on behalf of its owner-lessors.

Guarantees included

Unpaid rents

  • Up to € 90,000 for an unlimited period within the limit of a maximum monthly receipt of €3,200 including charges. The insurance covers until the eviction of the tenant minus the security deposit you keep on departure. Example: monthly rent of 900 € / per month or 100 months of guaranteed rent.
  • Compensation: payable at the end of the 4th month but taking into account the rents due since the first unpaid. Compensation is then paid quarterly.
  • The amount of compensation will be the last amount of the rent including taxes and charges declared to the Insurer.

Property damage

  • € 10,000 flat rate regardless of the number of rooms with a deductible of one month's rent, excluding charges and rental taxes.
  • Excluding: lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear of real estate and embellishments, damage to real estate entry or exit, kitchen units, exterior fittings and green spaces, lack of inventory of fixtures.

Juridic protection

  • € 6,000 maximum for property damage and for disputes between the owner and the tenant relating to the lease.
  • Excludes: disputes with third parties to the rental contract, the condominium and other co-owners, furniture custody costs, fines and possible convictions pronounced against the owner.
  • Regarding the schedule of intervention of the property administrator in the event of a payment incident by the tenant:
  • Day D + 25: Reminder letter
  • D-Day + 35: Registered Letter
  • Day D + 45: Order to pay issued by the bailiff

This corresponds to normal management of the claim and is understood in the terms of the Insurance Code, namely that the insurer can only refuse a claim for declaration or late action in the event that this delay will result in damage to it.

Reminder of the guarantees offered
The maximum monthly rent, charges and taxes guaranteed by this contract is increased to €3,200 including charges and taxes for the rents of goods located in mainland France.

GARANTIES DE BASE Indemnisation Franchise Taux de base
Loyers impayés Durée illimitée
Maximum 90 000 € par sinistre
Néant 2.50% TTC
du montant des loyers,
charges et taxes
10 000 € par sinistre
Pour un bail conclu à compter du 10 février 2008 inclus : un mois de loyer hors charges et taxes locatives, sur la base du loyer figurant au contrat de bail.
Pour un bail conclu avant le 10 février 2008 : deux mois de loyers, hors charges et taxes locatives, sur la base du loyer figurant au contrat de bail.
Protection juridique Maximum
6 000 € par sinistre
Seuil d'intervention
minimum de 230 €