Land research and feasibility analysis

The search for land and the analysis of the feasibility of the operation are essential prerequisites for any real estate development operation. This feasibility naturally includes the servicing and suitability of the soil.

The search for land as well as the analysis of the feasibility of the operation must meet your possible objectives of subdivision and housing estates. You will also have to take into account the scarcity of "green" land and the constraints that this entails for promotional operations.


The land chosen must be capable of receiving the planned construction. Ask the town hall for the town planning certificate and consult the local town planning plan (PLU).
The town planning rules are different depending on whether or not there is a PLU.
The development permit may also authorize constructions annexed to the development project, provided that they are carried out by the developer himself. Likewise, the application for a building permit may also constitute a request for a demolition permit when preliminary demolition work is necessary.


The planning permission is required:
for any division of land creating more than 2 building lots (housing estate), when roads and public or collective spaces are intended, for housing estates located within the perimeter of a protected sector or a classified site.

The instruction notice is 3 months and the validity of the permit lasts 2 years. It is necessary to obtain an authorization to subdivide in order to be certain that the subdivision project complies with the laws of servicing.


The municipalities are obliged to set up collective and non-collective sanitation zoning. In non-collective sanitation areas, the sanitation channels to be prohibited are specified. The choice of the best sanitation system can only be made after a design study defining the characteristics of the structure best suited to the plot and the building it supports, taking into account local constraints.


Choosing between the option of purchasing or prior acquisition of landaccompanied by a zoning authorization, requires careful consideration.

A development operation is generally long and expensive : it requires financing the purchase of land, the studies and works before starting to sell the serviced land (it is necessary to create reserves, connect to public electricity networks, water, sewers, cables...).

The reform of the Urban Planning Code of 2007 simplified the land divisions. In addition to the divisions of land subject to the regulation of housing estate, the practice of building permits equivalent to plot division has been relaxed. Finally, the possibility of applying for a so-called "enabling" building permit, or primary division, remains applicable, which escapes the subdivision regime and simplifies the process for the developer.

The Lloyd & Davis teams will support you throughout the analysis process and the technical setup of the operation.

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