About us

Lloyd & Davis Headquarters Team


Jérémie BOUCHITTÉ : Managing Director

  • Specialist in real estate, insurance and banking products for real estate
  • A lawyer by training and after more than 20 years in Managing Director positions (banking and mortgage, insurance and services to real estate professionals), Jérémie Bouchitté joined Lloyd & Davis in 2019 to ensure the development and management of the activities.

« The Lloyd & Davis brand is the meeting of men whose real estate experience is at the service of its consultants.
It is also the assurance of having marketing tools to support your commercial operations

Arnaud DEVRIENDT : Président

  • Real estate, communications and business aviation specialist
  • Managed for 25 years companies in the fields of real estate, real estate communication as well as companies in the world of aeronautics.
  • Founder of ACHETER-LOUER.FR, of which he was President until 2010, Arnaud Devriendt created the companies UJ MEDIA (international aeronautical media), CALLIXO (communication agency), BIEN VIVRE A (local media for agencies leading real estate companies in their regions). JET MONDE EXECUTIVE (business aviation rental activity), and LLOYD & DAVIS (real estate consortium specializing in real estate transactions allowing its Partner Consultants to operate on their local residential market as well as on prestigious properties).

« The Lloyd & Davis brand is the opportunity to access both to unique local marketing tools as well as the world of luxury »



Denis GEOFFRAY : Key Accounts Director

  • Real estate specialist and expert in the field, as well as in the antiquities trade
  • Always passionate about real estate, Denis Geoffray quite naturally went from antique art dealer to real estate advisor. For him, the common point of these 2 activities is above all the advising role which deals with personal, and even family matters. He likes to engage with and be as close as possible to people, to listen to them in order to provide them with the best suited solutions.

« The Lloyd & Davis brand, it’s the autonomy and ease of exercising my profession.
t is also a tool that I have tested with proven results »




Catherine RIVARD : Legal Director

  • A lawyer by training with 10 years of experience in corporate and M&A, in law firms and companies, in France and abroad, Catherine Rivard has focused on real estate law and real estate practice with a passion that has lasted since 2009.
  • Her background and experience in both law and real estate allows her to have a professional approach as precise as it is general, and as technical as it is practical.

« Lloyd & Davis, more than just a brand, it is the opportunity for a meeting that quickly turns into a project and materializes with seriousness and professionalism »



Éric HANOT : Commercial animation director

  • Recognized for 20 years as one of the main actors in real estate formation in France.
  • From 1987 to 1994, Éric experienced great success as Director of CENTURY 21 agencies, which regularly ranked in the top 10 of the networks. From 1995 to 2002, he took charge of Commercial Animation for the ORPI FRANCE network.
  • This perfect knowledge of the real estate trades, and of transaction negotiations, allows him to adapt the training content to the real world of the profession of negotiators in the field, thus providing real assistance to the development and success of Lloyd & Davis employees.

« The Lloyd & Davis brand, it is the permanent access to comprehensive and personalized training adapted to tools that are totally unique on the French market »








Mireille DUFOUR: General Accounting

Oifa BENOMAR: Accounting Assistant



Catherine GAMBART : Administrative Chief

Illanah BENSIMON : Sales Chief



Aurélien MILON: Press Studio Manager

Anthony ARNAUD: Digital Sector Manager

Kaba OLORY: Social Media & Video Sector Manager



Patrick AVARRE: Partners & Advertisers Manager

Laurence FRITZ: Partners & Advertisers Manager (Ile de France West and North)

Valérie MONTAJEAU: Partners & Advertisers Manager (Basque Country)



Angélique SAVIATI: Managing Director Jet Monde Executive



Already present in major and targeted regions: Paris, Les Hauts de Seine, Normandy, Brittany, South West, Basque Country, Aquitaine, Central France, Provence Alpes, Côte d'Azur
and being opened in more than 10 regions, LLOYD & DAVIS aims to serve its customers in regions where a real quality of life is possible.