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April 6 2022
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Leading Luxury Home’s main challenge today? Respecting the environment through sustainable development while maintaining luxury and elegance.
For nearly ten years, Jasmine Longuève, Leading Luxury Home’s manager, has been living in Mauritius after spending many years providing services to clients in the region of the Gulf of St Tropez.
She has settled in our beautiful island, which is also where her son was born. Indeed, she has grown very fond of an island that is also her clients’ favourite, offering them individual support with their
investment and settling in Mauritius. Moreover, her experience has enabled her to develop considerable expertise and understanding of the luxury property market here.
Her agency, Leading Luxury Home, is based in Tamarin in the West of the island, where she has built up a solid reputation and acquired a long list of recommendations thanks to her serious and professional approach, and the many services that her team provides for prospective purchasers.

With a committed back office team, supported amongst others by lawyers and notaries public, tax advisers, management companies and banks, as well as by the important role of the Economic Development Board (which delivers various necessary permits), she has succeeded in turning the dreams of many individuals and investors into reality, working closely with property developers while promoting some of the island’s most beautiful villas and realestate ventures.

The expertise of Jasmine Longuève’s collaborators, as well as her own local knowledge, has resulted in many investment fund operators and other international organisations seeking advice from her and her team..
A strong affection for Mauritius and its sustainable development ….
Jasmine Longuève feels very grateful to Mauritius and Mauritians for the welcome and hospitality she has always received here. It is why she has always preferred to surround herself with local staff, favouring internal promotion and providing on-going training.
This enables the agency to meet international expectations and standards, not just in respect of property but also in knowing about the legal and fiscal factors operating in other countries, so that clients
can expatriate themselves successfully whatever their specific circumstances. This is also made possible thanks to the support of partners based in France in particular but also more widely in Europe.
The trust placed in her by her loyal clients, grateful for what she has accomplished for them and their recommendations to others, has helped build up her success and the new directions she has taken.
“I am very happy,” she says, “and enormously grateful to my clients for having continued to rely on us (and certainly not forgotten us) during the last couple of years, despite all the financial uncertainty everyone has been experiencing. It is our duty to look after them and make sure their dreams are turned into reality.”
She has certainly acquired considerable experience in monitoring building works and in adding personal touches to building projects in line with the criteria and wishes of each client, particularly through
working closely with some of the country’s leading property developers and architects, and in providing customised services to all her clients – indeed right up until the moment a building is handed over to those who have chosen to buy off-plan.

2019 saw the outbreak of the greatest health crisis of recent decades
Unexpected but providing much food for thought, leading to a new era in the construction industry. Our progress was slowed by Covid’s abrupt arrival, which led to a total halt in activity in the space of 48 hours. It was clear that new ways of working would have to be found. Clients had no choice but to postpone their journeys and all projects ground to a halt. Some were abandoned and some were revamped in order to “rise from their ashes”. In the face of this new collective or individual professional situation, which affected everybody without exception and which no-one could have anticipated, LLH and its team chose to be part of a resurrection exercise.
The teams showed themselves able to be both proactive and effective, offering and putting in place a customised package for each client, which included all the services that might be required on site (and which turned out to be a very successful operation):
- Monitoring of construction works
- Follow-up of orders e.g. for décor and furnishings
- Follow-up of deliveries of goods and collecting orders when necessary
- Organising and monitoring of landscaping
- Monitoring maintenance works and cleaning etc.

Confinement and the growing awareness of the need for a new style of home...
During two years which signalled the end of one kind of existence and the birth of another as we drew lessons from this unique occurrence. The confinement has revealed the weaknesses in some of our current dwellings.
We have all realised that some of them do not necessarily provide the facilities for living together – private areas for study, for work and personal space, or the need to provide outdoor areas to avoid feeling locked in during a time which has been complicated both for us and our families.
For tomorrow’s dwellings, all this has revealed the need for criteria that reduce stress and emphasise quality of life, such as:
- Valuing well-being and luxury with spacious volumes, avoiding stripped-down design styles
- Controlling costs by optimising the use of resources and materials, and employing local people and their know-how as much as possible
- Respecting the environment
- Seeking maximum self-sufficiency in respect of items such as water, electricity, garden produce, rainwater harvesting and natural and bioclimatic ventilation.

Eco-friendly construction the essential way to secure harmony in tomorrow’s world
Jasmine Longuève has adjusted herself to her new convictions after two years of reflexion, accompanied by major changes.
She has thus taken the decision to specialise in ecofriendly construction. To this end, she undertook training in sustainable building design in order to better co-ordinate and support her clients in this new
direction. She turned to Solution Era, an internationally recognised organisation with a presence in Canada, the United States and France, which provides certified training for project leaders (such as design office staff, architects, builders, engineers and craftsmen) in the design of eco-friendly and bio-climatic buildings.
The company is nowadays focused on the sharing and transmission of the best of green technology and sustainable building techniques. Its aim is to create real ecosystems that are environmentally
responsible in the face of climate challenges, in order to provide dwellings that have a low impact on the environment and that create a pleasant way of life – whatever circumstances we may be confronted with and in a way that makes our lifestyles as self-sufficient as possible, while still equipping our buildings with comfort, luxury and elegance..

Giving the world a fresh perspective for tomorrow’s buildings
LLH is the first agency in Mauritius to specialise in ecofriendly construction. The aim is to build in harmony with nature and support the environment in order to ensure that we pass on to our children a better and more promising world. That is what’s at stake and what we hope can be achieved in coming years.
There’s nothing new in this in that such construction methods are based on age-old methods that our ancestors learnt to develop through observing nature and the environment. This return to basics has
emerged alongside the needs of the 21st century, where technology can become the ally of the natural world, while simultaneously improving the quality of life with the luxury and elegance previously mentioned.
Jasmine Longuève decided to assemble a team of experts in the sector to partner her in meeting this wonderful challenge. She entered into a partnership with Trihab, a French firm specialising in bioclimatic eco-friendly design, to assist with the dynamics of ecofriendly construction in Mauritius. The firm has more than 30 years’ experience in the development and construction of bioclimatic villas and other dwellings, and is particularly alert to environmental issues and to the use of local resources. It is keen to transmit and adapt this form of construction to tropical regions and to carve out a place for Mauritius in what will be a growing market.

ts aim with LLH is to design projects in the country and succeed in bringing together artisans, design studios, local manufacturers and Mauritian architects who want to work with the concept of eco-friendly construction that Jasmine Longuève seeks to encourage. This will lead to our adapting our homes to a more ecofriendly design model that will enable us to respond to climate-change issues, both those we now face and those in years to come, such as global warming, floods and torrential rainfall.
In part the aim will be to favour, for example, villas built on stilts or pile foundations, volcanic rock stonework, bamboo, aerated concrete, green roofs, solar panels, rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment and the orientation and siting of dwellings in relation to the position of the sun, in order to secure a maximum reduction in the use of energy for electricity, airconditioning, water and so on.

In pursuit of a sustainable economy

Without a doubt, the ultimate aim is to position our beautiful island as a green destination that is able to offer international clients in search of luxury new-build projects that match their living requirements and that are built to top-of-the-range standards, so that we stand out in terms of sustainable development, as well as meeting our exciting professional and personal objectives.
To be able to realise such ambitious projects, in 2022 LLH and Lloyd and Davis of Paris have decided to join forces and to work together on this journey. It is where our future lies…

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Leading Luxury Home, promoting eco-design for luxury, elegance and well-being