Primard : crazy romance, an hour from Paris

January 14 2022

Once upon a time ... an 18th century residence nestled in the heart of the Eure Valley, between green hills and deep forests. Primard, the new address of Domaines de Fontenille, has it all for a contemporary fairy tale.
An estate on the banks of the Eure, sublime gardens designed by Jacques Wirtz, moats where you can tour by boat, a fabulous rose garden, a farm with animals in semi-freedom, a pond that sparkles in the distance with an island...
It is there, between Anet and Giverny that Frédéric Biousse and Guillaume Foucher have chosen to grant the wishes of exhausted city dwellers in search of an urgent disconnection by discovering a chic and relaxed 5-star country refuge.

The Fontenille spirit, today’s hospitality
After Le Domaines de Fontenille in the Luberon, Les Bords de Mer in Marseille, Les Hortensias in Hossegor, 70 Hectares... & the Ocean in Seignosse, Santa Ponsa and Torre Vella in Menorca, Primard completes the collection of boutique hotels in the Domaines de Fontenille ... Refined but rooted in the territory. Each house tells a story in harmony with its environment. Their history is a story of emotion, where the feeling of experiencing rare moments in an exceptional place counts as much as the refinement of the decor. Frédéric Biousse and Guillaume Foucher paved the way for another idea of luxury. Time. Space. And meaning. Everything one could dream of today.

«Authenticity, well-being, nature, simplicity and elegance, return to the land and promote the value of the land, respect for heritage, eco-responsibility and short circuits, sense of the collective, gastronomic and cultural discoveries ... In the most beautiful sites of Europe.
Words that are often thrown on paper, like marketing slogans, but often turn out to be meaningless. At Domaines de Fontenille, the wine that is served on our tables is ours, the olive oil that season the salads comes from our olive groves, the vegetables cooked by our Chefs grow in the vegetable gardens that we create on our property. When we renovate old buildings, we surround ourselves with the best craftsmen to respect the identity and the uniqueness of the buildings. We decorate our interiors ourselves. The music we play is the music we love. And it’s no coincidence that we attach such importance to the gardens that surround our homes: they are their soul.
The Man of Fontenille dreams and marvels at new discoveries, new landscapes and new encounters. He is an epicurean, loves good wine, reuniting with his family, evenings with friends, generous and simple dishes as well as the most advanced gastronomic experiences.
He respects beauty, whether natural or the result of laborious work. He values the collective effort before individual recognition. He knows how to take his time and give time to those around him. The Man of Fontenille has his head in the clouds and his feet firmly anchored in the ground.»

Frédéric Biousse et Guillaume Foucher
PRIMARD, 1 route de Bueil – 28260 Guainville

Primard : crazy romance, an hour from Paris