A structure dedicated to commercial real estate

January 14 2022
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The real estate of a company must respond to a clear strategy. It represents a very important investment item and determines the identity as well as the image of the company, but also the activity, the localization, and the medium and lon- term growth.


New trends, new demands, new needs. Companies are in constant evolution. Being an attractive company, attracting talent, and conveying well-being at work is essential.

Lloyd & Davis

Our Partner Consultants are at your disposal for advice, administrative oversight, safety and environmental monitoring. They offer assistance that is inseparable from their actions, and often distinguish themselves from the competitive environment by their professionalism. The agent then becomes a partner, advisor, and even a confidant.

Real estate
There are different types of property in the real estate market. Each one has its own particularities, advantages but also disadvantages.
l Warehouses are a good investment, with a rate of return that ranges between 6% and 10%, in addition to tax exemptions.
l Offices are an investment with many advantages (professional lease and an estimated profitability of 3% to 5%).
l Commercial premises are the most represented with a rate of return of 5% to 8%, and secure the lendor over a period of 9 years.
l Land for sale or for rent is also offered and have a good return on investment.
Other characteristic properties are also available to investors, business partners and owner-operators. They include: Hotels, Palaces, Restaurants, Castles, Stud farms, Woods, Golfs, Vineyards, Private Hotels,

By focusing on these transactions in France and internationally, we have collectively helped to acquire opportunities, while mitigating risks by minimizing costs and protecting assets from market fluctuations. Always aware of economic factors, our staff provides innovative advice and services for acquisitions and their eventual financing.

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A structure dedicated to commercial real estate