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April 6 2022
Art & Culture

Lots of new features
After releasing a first album in 2016, entitled «Sanpek», the group Patyatann is back with a second opus, currently in preparation.
A new project, with new faces!
We thus find the composing artist Sarasvati Mallac and Anthony Bouic but also Kan Chan Kin, Nitish Boojhawon, Stephan Paul as well as other featuring and guests.
Always in this desire to celebrate the cultural diversity of his island, Patyatann experiments with new mixtures, and invites you into a very mystical universe, with pieces tinged with legends and stories, full of
images and dreams.
“One of the greatest richness of our country lies in our diversity and our differences. With this in mind, we have chosen to further explore encounters and collaborations on this second album. We have about fifteen new songs that we can’t wait to share with you!” explains Sarasvati.
Each track will be a painting, illustrated by the Mauritian artist Kim Yip Tong, who will take care of the artwork for the album and the book.

The recording will take place in the Makacoustics studio, with sound engineer Natesh Makhan.
“We have songs that we have been writing and composing for more than four years! We can’t wait to bring them to life by sharing them with you. You will be offered new sounds, with the participation of
three musicians who have joined the project: Stephan Paul and his double bass, Nitish Boojhawon and his tabla and Kan Chan Kin and his didgeridoo, as well as all his great instruments that he makes himself!
Other surprises and collaborations are planned, stay connected! adds Sarasvati..

Need your support!
In order to make this new project a reality, the group is launching a call for crowdfunding, via the platform
Album production requires a real investment, between studio costs, working days for recording, arranging, editing, mixing and mastering, pressing CDs and printing booklets.
“With the experience of the first opus, we know that to deliver a quality album, you have to take the necessary time in the recording studio, surround yourself with professionals in each field, invest in the right equipment. We are also very happy to collaborate with the Makacoustic studio on this project. The production of an album, in addition to the funds, thus requires a lot of research, time, patience, energy and motivation. It is an investment that is both human and financial, which is why we need your support,” says Anthony.

In return
You can pre-order the album either in its digital or physical format, or have access to even more bonuses, depending on your contribution!
The physical album will come in the form of a beautiful illustrated book, in which you will also find a cd and a link to download the digital version. Other rewards are also available, such as buying the original painting on the cover, made by Kim Yip Tong, or the possibility of organizing a private concert with the group.
By supporting this project, you are not only contributing to the financing of the group’s second album, but also allowing artists to share their passion and bring their music to life.

support Patyatann's new album !