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16 Mars 2021
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« Le voyage immobile, et tout recommencera…. »

A new exhibition space of more than 350 square meter dedicated to contemporary creation opened in October 2020 at the 104, avenue Raymond Poincaré in Paris - NatachaDassault Art Gallery (NAG).

For its inaugural exhibition, the works of the painter Hom Nguyen have been presented and since January 14th, 2021 the photographer Gérard Rancinan proposes with the author Caroline Gaudriault «Le voyage immobile, et tout recommencera…” («The still journey, and all will begin again... «). The work of the talented sculpture David Rodriguez Caballero from the Malborough Gallery in Madrid will be presented for spring, and for autumn the gallery will receive the photographer Sebastiao Salgado.

NatachaDassault Art Gallery (NAG) presents an unique exhibition «Le voyage immobile, et tout recommencera…” («The still journey, and all will begin again... «), immersed in the fantasy world of one of the masters of photography, Gérard Rancinan. After 7 years of absence in Parisian galleries, he responded to Natacha Dassault’s invitation to announce his great return. A carte blanche to exhibit 30 new photographic paintings, which narrate the complexities of our society and its renewal, confronting for the first time the artistic genre of still life.

In a millimetre-sized scenography, his colleague Caroline Gaudriault joins the exhibition with her texts and simultaneously publishes a book entitled « Le voyage immobile ».

Rancinan, an exceptional photographer

The era is his playground. Photographer, artist, traveller, always curious about the ups and downs of his contemporaries, Rancinan is an alert witness of the metamorphosis of our societies. From his portraits of the world’s greatest leaders (Fidel Castro, John Paul II) to a still life photographed in his studio, Rancinan always tells us about the world and its passengers. His uncompromising artistic testimony places us before the great mirror of existence. «The role of the artist is to be a witness, a marker of the time given to him. He has a great responsibility in the act he commits. To think the world is to make it exists. «says Rancinan as an Officer of Arts and Letters, he has obtained 6 World Press awards and exhibits in the world’s most prestigious museums. (MACBA, Palais de Tokyo, Venice Biennale…).

Rancinan and Caroline Gaudriault: a photographic writing without concession.

The photographer disregards conventions, immerses himself in current affairs, as a true artist-editorialist and masterfully orchestrates his monumental works, of a breathtaking aesthetic. He is part of the history of art, taking his inspiration from the greatest masters of painting: from Caravaggio to Matisse, from Velasquez to Delacroix or Géricault... A photographic act, with a touch of impertinence, the sharp eye of Rancinan, it is a 360 degree thought!

The exhibition «Le voyage immobile, et tout recommencercera…» («The still journey, and all will begin again... «) was born from a common reflection between the photographer and Caroline Gaudriault, the author with whom he has been in dialogue for more than 20 years. Both are living witnesses of our contemporary society and claim a kaleidoscopic vision, a breathless world that is regaining hope. In spite of the great upheavals (climatic, epidemic, political), from this irreversible chaos will come light. This new exhibition is an invitation to introspection, to a «motionless journey», to a «Proustian reminiscence»…

Natacha Dassault a committed gallery owner

NAG signs here its second exhibition in the new space, with a solo show by the photographer Rancinan. NatachaDassault Art Gallery is a place of transmission, at the heart of current events, which allows artists to express their art. The gallery owner presents the essence of the artist’s works, that of the very critical and sometimes even acid interpretation of our world. His work seems different from his past creations, despite the evolution and transformation of our society, we find the immutable thread of the photographer. NatachaDassault Art Gallery (NAG) regularly presents its permanent artists such as the talented ceramist Karen Swami, the proven precursor of Street Art JonOne, the Bosnian painter Fuad Kapidzic, the sculptors Jean-Yves Gosti and Daniel Favre. And also Olivier Dassault who has become a master in the art of photography through abstraction.

In dialogue with Rancinan’s photographs, Giulia De Jonckheere ( offers a selection of designer furniture through beautiful and emblematic pieces by Ado Chale, Vladimir Kagan, Philippe Hiquily, Willy Rizzo... (collaborations with Laffanour - Galerie Downtown, Galerie Yves Gastou, Maison Rapin, the Ado Chale workshop and carpets by Deirdre Dyson).

The Montresso Foundation* is associated with NatachaDassault Art Gallery (NAG) for the current exhibition.

Natacha Dassault Art Gallery (NAG)